Yee Chain International Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 1997 and now has become one of the leading fabric manufacturers and neoprene rubber foam factories in the world. Focusing both on innovation and practicality, Yee Chain devoted itself to developing new fabrics. In addition, Yee Chain runs fully equipped laboratories to monitor our quality assurance to ensure our partners are provided with the superb quality of textile. Today, Yee Chain is a trusted partner with dozens of international sportswear brands around the world as we operate in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

As Yee Chain grew with the sportswear brands, we realized our impact on this planet. There are tremendous amount of water, energy, material, and chemical usage in the whole production lifecycle. The world’s resources are running scarce and along with it are multiple environmental problems. How can Yee Chain be one of the catalysts of the solution and not a problem source itself, is the question we ask ourselves.

Going forward, Yee Chain is adapting a Circular Mindset which draws the phenomena and practice from the Circular Economy. The take-make-dispose system is not going to work anymore, and Yee Chain’s goal is to shift away from it. We are looking into topics like waste, water, energy, materials, and chemicals by evaluating the parts of input, process, and output to drive and cultivate changes. Overall, we are going to start to focus on the reduction strategy from the very start. How can we design out waste from the system – this is the key element of our future direction. Yee Chain decided to go ahead with turbulence toward a circular model and we would love to have you as our partner along the way!